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It was the Ladies Sewing Circle of the Southport Methodist Episcopal Church who in 1866 built what we know today as the Southport Town Hall.  Originally known as Union Hall, the building was built as a means to have a larger meeting place for the women's sewing group.  It came to be known as a true place of union, when Town Meeting was first held at Union Hall in 1868 (and every year since).  A group of Southporters formed a stock company which bought the Hall in 1874 from the ladies sewing circle, and then in 1900, the Town of Southport purchased the hall from the company.  In its more than 150 years, the Hall has seen only a few structural changes, and has maintained much of its original charm through modernization.  In addition to yearly town meeting, the Hall is host to PE class and performance concerts for Southport students, weddings, celebrations of lives, dance socials, and the occasional group of women wishing for a place to meet and craft.  


Today, the Hall is 43' x 37' and has a capacity of 120 people.  With the balcony restored to the replicate the original, and a true stage, it is the perfect space for any meeting or event.  Renting the Town Hall includes use of front and back parking lots, approximately 130 metal folding chairs, 15 8' long tables, a full kitchen (with two ranges), two restrooms, as well as a vast (albeit true) assortment of flatware, cups, plates, and bowls.  Hall rental requests are reviewed each week by the Selectmen at their meeting.

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