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April 29, 2020


Selectmen’s Meeting Agenda

April 29, 2020

Appointments: 5:00pm Alan Hinsey

1. Sign Warrant

2. Sara Russell Correspondence RE: GA Guidance for Executive Order 29-A

3. Stephen Cole, MEDOT, Correspondence RE: Requesting letter of support for bridge funds grant

4. DOT Correspondence RE: Guardrail for Joe Island Bridge

5. Would it be possible to get a letter/statement from the Selectmen addressing the Governor’s orders of a 14-day quarantine (through at least July) for those coming from out of state to post on our website/Facebook? Henry and Jim have noted that they’re receiving many phone calls from people who are “here for the weekend” and would like them to come to their property to discuss shoreland zone work, etc. They’ve communicated as best they can regarding it all, but feel it would be helpful to have an official town position on the matter.

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